Graphic Designing

Penny Grow has established itself as the go-to source for breaking technology services in wholesale and retail banking, capital markets, and insurance.

Define Your Purpose:

Clearly understand the purpose of your design. Is it for a poster, social media post, logo, website, or something else?

Know Your Audience:

Tailor your design to the preferences and characteristics of your target audience. Consider factors like age, interests, and cultural background.

Color Scheme:

Choose a color palette that aligns with the message and the emotions you want to convey. Consider the psychological impact of colors on your audience.


Use legible and appropriate fonts. Consider the hierarchy of text, using different font sizes and styles to guide the viewer's attention.

Balance and Alignment:

Create visual balance by distributing elements evenly throughout the design. Pay attention to alignment to maintain a clean and professional look.


Use contrast to highlight key elements. This could include contrasting colors, fonts, or sizes to create visual interest and hierarchy.